Olga Buchi
I got into real estate because I truly have a passion for it. I hold a Masters Degree in Business from Moscow University and my career in real estate has roots with my many years of work for title / escrow companies and also banks. Back in 2003 I began buying, building and selling homes and I wasn’t satisfied with the level of service that I got from several different agents. I thought to myself, “Not only can I do a better job, but also I really enjoy all this real estate stuff.” I obtained my first Real Estate license nearly four years ago and I’ve been providing my customers with great service ever since.

I’ve lived in cold and rainy climates before like Moscow, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Seattle. So living and working here in Tampa is a dream come true for me. I understand how it feels to be here from out of town looking for your little piece of paradise to call your own. I first discovered Tampa4u as a homebuyer and I didn’t want to work for any other company.

I try to make shopping for your home an enjoyable experience. I can offer you solid expertise and also streets smarts to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. I’m very detailed oriented. I’m good at catching the little tricks that listing agents sometimes try to get away with. I have many-a-times save my clients because of my attention to detail. I have a photographic memory, which aids me in the aspects of real estate such as contracts and also negotiation. Also when it comes to standing up for my clients and pushing for what’s in their best interests I am very assertive. You can count on me for thoroughness and diligence and I’m not afraid to tell you my opinion.

" We are so happy to have met Joe and Olga, they went above and beyond all has worked out perfectly albeit a few bumps in the road. At the end of the day we are extremely happy. I would recommend everyone to work with Joe and Olga they made us feel so comfortable. "

*** Jim and Rachel

" I’m not sure we could’ve snagged such an amazing home at an incredible price, in this market, without Olga Buchi and Joe Buchi. Thank you so much. "

*** John and Jess

" We were very happy with the service and results provided by the Buchi’s. We sold one house in LOL and moved to another in Wilderness Lake Preserve. We were worried we were asking too much for our house for sale, but Joe sold it for our asking price immediately. Joe found the perfect house for us. The Buchis saved us thousands! I am not exaggerating. Plus they gave us more service than we expected. I would certainly use them again and did recommend them to a friend. 5 stars. "

*** W.L.

" We’ve recommended Joe and Olga to our friends and family and would recommend that anybody else trying to sell their house to start by meeting with Joe and Olga. They were open, honest and professional throughout the entire process. We trusted their recommendations from listing through staging to selling. They were flexible with our busy schedules; consulted with us on balancing our needs and wants and, guided us through the entire process. We never felt that we weren’t a priority. In the end, we sold at the price we wanted well within the timeframe we had planned for. We would absolutely use them again. "

*** McLean

" Of the five agents interviewed to list our house, Mrs. Buchi was the quickest to respond. She continued to impress by providing a detailed market analysis while the other agents were still gathering data. Attentive and listens without interrupting, she provides alternative options that only an expert can deliver. Her marketing skills resulted in an offer within 24 hours of list. Text, email and voice mails all replied to within the hour. A true professional at real estate! Did everything right to sell our home. "

*** Palms T

" Thank you for your follow up. Yes, Olga is helping us in our search for an apartment in Tampa. She is really nice and works hard, very late. She is prompt in her replies and we find her very professional. Let's hope we will find soon something good for us! Have a nice weekend! "

*** Mihaela & Gabriel B

" It has been a pleasure dealing with Olga. She was introduced to us from a common friend and we clicked right off the back. She is doing an excellent job being our eyes and ears in Florida and we trust her judgement dealing with all this process. We do appreciate everything she is doing for us. You have a good employee with skills and expertise working for your company. "

*** Domingo B & Maria H

" Olga has been absolutely fantastic! We were in town looking for homes and we lucked up and found her looking at a house we saw online. She even took time over the Labor Day holiday to show us around. My husband and I are very taken care of. Olga is my realtor of choice. "

*** Darlene D

" The service we have received from Olga has been nothing less than wonderful. She listens to our wish list and has made every attempt to put us into a home that matches what we are looking for. I am totally pleased with her professionalism, her attention to detail and how quickly she prepares listings for us to view. "

*** Ken H

" Olga has been quick, prompt and professional. She answers all my questions in a timely and thorough manner. This has been very important to me, as I am in Baghdad and have to depend on the person who will be my agent have these attributes. Based on my dealing with your company to date, I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking in the Tampa area. "

*** Kenneth D

" Olga Buchi has been working very closely with us since our initial contact. She is well-prepared, organized, brings stats that are of interest regarding each house, and is clearly our advocate. She is very professional- and pleasant to work with as well. At this point she has shown us four houses at the exact time and day we requested. Olga has made several home suggestions to us - all within our price range and favorite location. We are currently working on a bid with her...for one of the homes she shared with us. We couldn't be more pleased with her service, time and attention. "

*** Lori D & Dave E

" My closing was one of the hardest things I had ever done and I know that Olga worked her ass off for me. So thank you and her for the help. "

*** Christine J

" Olga has been phenomenal and very helpful in our search for our home. She has been great through the whole process and very efficient with getting back to us on any questions or concerns we had. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful realtor. "

*** Sheila & Ed G

" I would like to take the opportunity to share some thoughts concerning our Real Estate Agent (REA) Olga. Like unknown to you and prior to this home buying experience, we'd experience only one other REA in Maryland and the whole thing left a very sower taste in my month, such that, I never seriously contemplated ever using an REA again?! When I began my recent journey, I initially was working with another REA, but started to get the same "Being Sole vs Buying-a-house"!. Needless to say, our professional relationship didn't last long?! Upon meeting Olga, I made it very clear the expectations I had for an REA's assistance and that if I ever started to feel "pressure" for the sale, I would conclude the relationship right then and there?! Olga listened and responded like the "True Professional" she is! She won mine and my wife's confidence and trust and we're are so glad that she was our REA for this house buy. I would have no reservation in recommend her to any of my family or friends and only wish her, and you all, much continued success in the future. As a very satisfied REA client and now dream home buyer, my only word of advice to the entire RE industry is ... The buck stops with your buyer or seller. If they're not happy, you'll be poor! "

*** Pete Q

" We love Olga. We originally had a agent in mind we were going to use but, through great conversation I really liked Olga. We met her and immediately my husband and I knew we wanted her to help us. She is so patient and kind. She listens and gives her honest feedback. Olga knows that we are first time homeowners so she has helped guide us and never let us feel uncomfortable or uncertain. We are so glad we went with Olga. "

*** Anita SP

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